Adidas 3D Scanned Sneaker

Client: FBFX

Developing creative concepts within the realm of 3D scanning. FBFX provided me with a highly detailed scan of an Adidas shoe, to which I developed an abstract commercial proof-of-concept.

In this montage, I used techniques like fluid physics, forces, and dynamics to simulate lifelike interactions with the sneaker. In Adobe After Effects, I edited the clips together, overlayed motion graphics and titles, and sourced a soundtrack.

(proof of concept commercial using 3D scanned Adidas sneaker)

Photogrammetry & Retopology - FBFX
Animation & Motion Graphics - Luke Hall
Music - Flume, EPROM, “Spring”

About Me

I’m an artist fascinated by themed entertainment, live shows, and creative uses for technology. I live in Orlando, FL with my girlfriend and two cats. Outside of work I like to play drums, visit theme parks, and enjoy video games with friends.
Software Capabilities

Cinema 4D
Adobe Creative Suite
Unreal Engine