3D Design ︎
        Porter Robinson 3D
        Secret Sky Festival 3D
        MacBook Air 3D
        Gracie Abrams 3D         
        FBFX creative direction + 3D 
        Chanel No. 5 3D
        Kaleidoscope Labs 3D 
        La Colombe 3D
        Twice 3D

Mixed Reality ︎
        Mirror AR
        Prismatrix AR + 3D
        POSTMORTEM.// AR


Gracie Abrams

3D Animation

Commissioned by Art Camp to develop animations for the music visualizer of “tehe” by Gracie Abrams.

With a team of directors and artists, I created the animated world the character lives in. The idyllic space represents Gracie Abrams suspended in a blissful moment. The scene features an animated Gracie, her signature bedsheets, and Wurlitzer keyboard.

The talented team at Art Camp hand-treated each frame with paint, creating a hand crafted appearance. The music video was premiered on YouTube, proceding a live Q&A session.

Process & Assets created:

Directors - Art Camp & Fern Diaz
Art Direction - Danaé Gosset
3D Animation - Luke Hall
Cell Animation - Christin Kim