3D Design ︎
        Porter Robinson 3D
        Secret Sky Festival 3D
        MacBook Air 3D
        Gracie Abrams 3D         
        FBFX creative direction + 3D 
        Chanel No. 5 3D
        Kaleidoscope Labs 3D 
        La Colombe 3D
        Twice 3D

Mixed Reality ︎
        Mirror AR
        Prismatrix AR + 3D
        POSTMORTEM.// AR


Porter Robinson

video + visuals

Musician Porter Robinson makes an explosive return after seven years with his sophomore LP Nurture. Art Directed by Samuel Burgess-Johnson, the album explores natural vs. digital, minimal vs. maximal, and beautiful CG depictions of landscapes.

Designed and edited the “Look At The Sky” lyric video, one of the Nurture singles:

Worked with a team of interdisciplinary artists to create Nurture Live, the audio-visual live representation of the album. Porter debuted a modified rendition of the performance at Secret Sky Festival 2021:

Porter Robinson is touring Nurture Live Fall 2021 across the United States.

* note: due to the sensitivity of the material I will only provide documentation / behind the scenes upon request & signing of a non-disclosure agreement