Second Sky Festival 2021

Clients: Slush Management, Goldenvoice, B Morrow Productions

Second Sky Festival is Porter Robinson’s curated music festival in Berkeley, CA. Slush Management, in collaboration with Goldenvoice and B Morrow Productions, commissioned many different elements from me. Deliverables ranged from signage graphics to live stream animations.

(Physical installations created by Nassal)

This festival was a fantastic collaboration of music and themed entertainment, featuring large physical installations and themed storytelling throughout the two-day experience. Over 40,000 guests attended Second Sky 2021, with the festival returning this coming year in 2022.

BenchMob ~ Production & Management
Luke Hall ~ Motion Graphics & Video Editor
Mike O’Brien ~ Director
(film crew credits not provided)

Entranceway Signage:
B Morrow Productions ~ Creative
Luke Hall ~ Vector Sign Conversion

Marketplace Signage:
Luke Hall ~ Graphic Designer

Slush Management:
Samuel Lauria
Neal O’Connor
Curtis Toyota
Aaron Greene
Amar Pathak

About Me

I’m an artist fascinated by themed entertainment, live shows, and creative uses for technology. I live in Orlando, FL with my girlfriend and two cats. Outside of work I like to play drums, visit theme parks, and enjoy video games with friends.
Software Capabilities

Cinema 4D
Adobe Creative Suite
Unreal Engine