Twice Toothpaste Product Animation

Client: Twice

Toothpaste disruptor Twice approached me to commission a captivating product video for their social media. Production began with custom modeling their package in 3D software. Using particles and dynamics, the animation depicts the ingredients found in their boutique toothpaste.


(social media animation for Twice)

(Modeled and animated the scene using their physical product as reference)

This project took place at a time when digital 3D products were just starting to become an accepted practice, and it was a positive learning experience coordinating with the product team to properly convey my ideas and vision.

About Me

I’m an artist fascinated by themed entertainment, live shows, and creative uses for technology. I live in Orlando, FL with my girlfriend and two cats. Outside of work I like to play drums, visit theme parks, and enjoy video games with friends.
Software Capabilities

Autodesk Maya
Maxon Cinema 4D
SideFX Houdini
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Unreal Engine 5